T. Alan

Dinosaur Alan.

Alan Theodore "Tyrannosaurus Alan" Rex is an intelligent dinosaur who lives near George Volcano. He has an addiction to Volvic Revive and beer.



The death of Tyrannosaurus Alan.

Tyrannosaurus Alan originally lived in Dinosaur World as a dinosaur with an unusually-evolved brain from 65,500,006 BC to 65,499,900 BC. Millions of years later, George Volcano got lonely and brought Alan back to life with Volvic Revive. Alan later went to Earth and drove saber-toothed tigers into extinction.

Alan died again in 2015 when he drank too much Volvic Revive and exploded. Because the fact that he had been killed due to an excess of Volvic Revive prevented him from being revived with it again, he stayed dead permanently this time, which made George Volcano so depressed he suspended sales of the drink.


YouTube Poop Alan Goes Berserk

YouTube Poop Alan Goes Berserk

Some Volvic Revive made him turn EVIL!

  • Oddly, he has a rock stuck in his back (that you'll never hear of anywhere else).
  • He is very politically correct and tries to tell people what they can and cannot say.


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  • "What are you doing, Mister Volcano?"
  • "Now, I'm off to eat someone's parents!"
  • "You can't say that!"
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