Ultimate Weegee in his first reported form.

Ultimate Weegee is Weegee's robotic final form. Weegee first achieved the form sometime around the dawn of the Noob Era, killing Billy Mays in 2009 and appearing again when King Harkinian ran over Weegee in 2014. His power began to grow, but a series of disasters starting with the Poopocalypse of 2019 prevented him from reaching his full potential until Weegee's imprisonment in 2588. Weegee was released 9,000 years later, however, and Ultimate Weegee soon appeared again...


  • The apocalypse
  • Scaryroll


  • In his normal, fully-powered form, he's as big as a galaxy.
  • Like Weegee, he can die, but only temporarily.
  • His power level is 81 million, but his full potential is higher.
  • The chosen one is the only being who can defeat him.
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