Ultimate Wibzod is a form of Wibzod that was created when Wibzod II ressurrected him at the end of the Form Wars in 2018. Ultimate Wibzod has a lack of understanding of Language and Basic Astronomy, he also forgets that he's alive and usually dies of asphyxiation and dehydration due to that. He keeps telling everyone that he's Jewish, even though he's purple.


Ultimate Wibzod founded the NRA in New Mexico and probably Rwanda in 230 BC and 2017. Wibzod disagrees and sometimes tries to punch Ultimate Wibzod even though he doesn't have any hands.


Ultimate Wibzod created Germany in Rhode Island in 2014, except for in 2015, when he created Germany in Canada in 2004 and 1996.


Ultimate Wibzod had a podcast with da führa called; "The Ultimate Podcast with Ultimate Wibzod and da führa". They sometimes didn't like jews, even though Ultimate Wibzod claims to be Jewish.


Ultimate Wibzod and Mountain Dew created DNA yesterday at your house. Mountain Dew Luigi was displeased by this and some other thing.

Bad luck

Ultimate Wibzod has a very bad luck, people believe that the "worst template" that follows him all over Harkipedia to inform everyone that he's terrible is the source of the bad luck. Is it here?

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Ultimate Wibzod banned cactuses because Larry Koopa hates them. Cactuses tend to hurt people if people walk into them, but Ultimate Luigi isn't people, so it's okay.

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