{{Infobox_Person |name = Coraline W. Jones |image = |caption = |occupation = nudist, explorer, it girl, fashion model, cat breeder, mercenary (occasionally for P.I.N.G.A.S), and many more |age = depending on the year |appearances = Coraline (book, film (or movie and game) |friends = Asia Argento, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Wybie, others |enemies = I.M. Meen, Dr. Robotnik, Donald Trump, the Brexit club, Marine Le Pen, Vladimir Putin, Bowser and Bowser, Jr., King Harkinian, Morshu, her mother and father, Weegee, others |hometown = Pontiac, Michigan and Ashland, Oregon, USA, somewhere in a European Union member country |relatives = Mel (mother), Charlie (father)

Coraline (Jones) is a brunette (turned bluenette), YTP novice with a navy blue turtleneck sweater (whose design echoes the European Union flag but the stars are in silver than gold. But covered in a yellow raincoat), black trousers (for 'Muricans and Aussies around there; pants) and blue shoes (but changed in yellow boots). Her first YTP appearance is to be determined. 


Coraline Jones was born to Charlie Jones and Mel Jones in Pontiac, Michigan, then moved to the Pink Palace in Ashland, Oregon. Occupied by Trumpians. Neglected by her parents lately by many decades, Coraline ended herself up working as a ho after she turned 21. She infiltrated one of the Donald Trump