Zelda Cdi-Wand of Gamelon - ShopKeeper Scene

Zelda Cdi-Wand of Gamelon - ShopKeeper Scene


April 1, 1926


October 1, 1989




Aromantic Globaphile

Ushrom McLabideet is an old shopkeeper who uncannily (and illegally) sells the same stuff Morshu does, only at lower prices (like 20 rupees instead over over 1,000). He is also known to be a extreme pervert, especially to Zelda, as proven in the Youtube Poop "Morshu's Shop of Horrors."


Young Ushrom

Ushrom before he flunked Wumbology college.

Ushrom was born Uhsrom McLabideet in 1926. As a child, he would often have yard sales selling his stuff. As a result, he had almost no posessions by the age of 11. He decided to buy a toy cash register, which he still uses to this day. He was sent to Wumbology College at age 25, but he flunked and instead went to Shopkeep College, where he met Morshu. He was good friends with Morshu, but when they had the same ideas when setting up business, they became bitter rivals. In the 1980s, Morshu sued him for selling the same stuff he does but for lower prices, often driving business away from him. Morshu won, and Ushrom stayed in jail from 1989 until October 9, 1993, when he reopened his shop. However, it was destroyed, so he had to fix it, and when Zelda came over the next day, he was still making repairs and cleaning. He finally finished by the end of that week. Now he sells mostly weaponry, but legally. He has few customers, however, forcing him to work additional jobs at places like Hyrule Airport and Taco Bell.


He can pop his eyes and hair out pretty far, but that's pretty much it.


  • "I'll handle the rupees."
  • "Sorry, Zelda. Not enough rupees. You'll have to wipe out a few more gorias to get that."
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