Vanellope Von Schweetz is the adoptive child of Wreck it Ralph. She is the "president" of Sugar Rush, although she treats it more like a dictatorship.


She was born to Steve Von Schweetz and Janet Von Schweetz, who abandoned her as a child. She was found by Wreck it Ralph, who adopted her. Then they took a full military take over of the Candy Kingdom from their relative King Candy. Since then, she has ruled with an iron fist.


  • She can "glitch", which is just a fancy name for teleport.


King Candy came back to take the throne, angering her. She said to him: "YOU MUST DIE!" To which Candy responded: "No, you!". This resulted in Vanellope being sent to the pit.


  • "Shut up!"
  • "Dare disobey me? You must die!"
  • "The throne is mine! YOU MUST DIE!"
  • "No, not into the pit, it burns!"

    Vanellope's ultimate demise.

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