Volcanism is the study of volcanic activity founded by George Volcano. It is widely recognized as a religion in Dinosaur World, more specifically an island on there called the Land of Volcanicity.

Known volcanists

During the Stone Age, most volcanists used to be various cavemen. They have since died.

  • George Volcano (-2015): Despite founding it, George himself had to drop out in 2015 due to his depression over Tyrannnosaurus Alan's death from drinking too much Volvic Revive.
  • Tyrannosaurus Alan (-2015)
  • Stegosaurus John (???? - ????)
  • Mhar (???? - 29,980 BC)
  • Mhario (???? - 29,935 BC)
  • Scatman John (1960s - 1999)
  • Mama Luigi (1990s - 2000s)
  • Hamsha (1990s - 2008): Hamsha only studied volcanism to try and replicate George's Volvic Revive, resulting in Water of Life. This was later found out in 2008 and got kicked out.
  • Lemmy Koopa (1990s - present)



    "I'm the daddy now!"

    That Volvic mineral water grabs life by the conkers and hydrates you 'til you shout "Come on, world, I'll have you for breakfast!"
  • That Volvic is volcano-filtered so it's full of volcanicity.
  • That birds do like a fruity twist with their water.
    • That birds LOVE the taste of Volvic Touch of Fruit.
  • That George is your daddy [slang for "god"].
  • That Sabre-toothed tigers are an enemy to volcanism.
  • That Volvic Revive, as well as Ginseng and Guarana, helps increase your "alertness gauge".


  • King Harkinian has refused many times to legitimize volcanism in Hyrule.
  • Because of the beliefs of volcanism, Tyrannosaurus Alan is responsible for bringing Sabre-toothed tigers into extinction. Volcanists have since protected Alan and tried spreading false information to combat this.
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