WalrusGuy's true form.

King Poopa
This article is about a YouTube Pooper, someone who makes YouTube Poops.

Nicholas "WalrusGuy" Walstrom is arguably the most famous YouTube Pooper of all time. Yet, surprisingly, he is not the chosen one. He was first active in the YTP community from 2007 to 2009, then retired for a few years. He returned in 2013 and has been making great new poops ever since.


WalrusGuy was the result of experimentation performed by the US military as part of the Operation Infinite Walrus project. He was sent on secret missions against the Soviet Union until the Cold War ended. He then escaped and disguised himself, assuming the identity of "Nicholas Walstrom."


WalrusGuy Poops

A poop in the making. Intestines anyone?


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