War on Lunch

The King during the war on lunch.

"Just say no to lunch!"
–Slogan of the WOL

The War on Lunch (2005–2011) is an anti-lunch program set to ban lunch from all of Hyrule except Koridai and Gamelon. King Harkinian is its creator and spokesman.


King Harkinian was literally fed crap for lunch until he was 19. Idiotically assuming that everyone had the same problem he did, he resolved to completely eliminate lunch in Hyrule during his reign as king but was constantly distracted by other issues. He eventually tried sending Hyrule's lunch to Dinosaur World, but the Mushroom Kingdom interfered, causing the Breakfast War. A few years after that, the King finally had the time to issue a "War on Lunch"–about thirty years after he stopped eating bad lunch. The policy lasted about six years before it was lifted in 2011, having eradicating lunch in Gomalan, Gamelai, and Koridon.

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