Obey wario! destroy mario

Obey wario! destroy mario

Wario is a clone of Mario who just happens to have a brother called Waluigi. Wario once ended up having a floating head that lured Mario Head to Hyrule Castle, wrecking it in the process. Wario has since been King Harkinian's enemy. King Harkinian has his own Wario called ʞıuƃ Hɐɹʞıuıɐu.

He is also allergic to his own mustache.


Baby Wario

There never was a Baby Wario, was there?

Wario was created when Mario came in sick, so Dr. Wily ended up creating a clone of him for some stupid reason. Wario then kidnapped Daisy and hypnotized everyone in Sarasaland to distract Mario so he could seize Mario's castle. Mario defeated him, but Wario escaped. In 1986, while Mario and Luigi were busy fighting the Mushroom War, he tried to raise an army of monsters to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but he was defeated by Toad. Later, Wario became Mario's simple sports rival, and the Wario Bros. would vandalize pictures of Mario and Luigi. In 2015, during the Form Wars, Wario was captured and executed by the Luigi-led "pures".


Super Wario World

Wario stars in Super Wario World.


Wario Becomes President

Wario Becomes President


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