Mamu "Wart" Apook (1919–2024) is a frog who is affiliated with Bowser. He rules all of Shyguyland and is often found hiding in bowls that used to be filled with unbaked cookie dough.



Wart's death.

Wart attacked Shyguyland in 1980, but Mario and his allies aided the Shyguylanders and defeated Wart by throwing vegetables at him. Later, the Koopa king Bowser supported Wart, allowing him to return to Shyguyland and conquer it. Wart was killed along with most of his soldiers in 2024 by Evil Link, and his army was defeated during Link's invasion of Shyguyland.


YTPMV - Morshu sings music from video games

YTPMV - Morshu sings music from video games

Wait until the end and you'll see Warshu.


Wart as he appears in "SpingeBill's First Weird Christmas."

  • He seems to hate Morshu.
  • His greatest general is Birdo.
  • He has a minor form called Warshu.
  • He is not to be confused with warts.
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