Youtube Poop - The king is smoking weegee weed

Youtube Poop - The king is smoking weegee weed

They'll get what's coming to them.

"Mah boi, all true warriors smoke weed in the morning."
–King Harkinian

Weed is a bad drug that can make you really stoned if you smoke it. However, most people ignore code of laws and just smoke it anyway, so they can kill themselves.


  • Potland is the best place in the universe to find weed. Obviously.
  • It was recently legalized in California as a prescription drug, but that's really stupid. And that's a Democrat saying that. 
  • Weed is often smoked by the king, but it once cost him his life, and he became a slave to Weegee.
  • Weed is also called marijuana or Pashesh.
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