Weegee monster 2d

A Weegee monster is a species of dinosaur that is feared by almost everybody. One of them once tried to kill King Harkinian.

They used to be a normal part of the ecosystem during the Triassic period, but they became monsters thanks to the Weegee and Harkeegee viruses as well as AIDS. They will steal your soul and drink your blood.

I suspect that someone I know is a Gee monster, what should I do?

Plankton is a Gee monster

This is what happens when a Gee monster hears a YTP.

Sometimes a Gee monster will disguise itself as a human. If you think someone you know is a gee monster, here's what you should do.

All Gee monsters are allergic to YouTube Poop. Play one for them.

If their eyes become red, their ears start to bleed, and they start violently throwing up blood, then they are confirmed to be a Gee monster in human skin. The poop should painfully terminate their lives within 15 minutes before they explode.

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