Electron microscope image of a Weegee virus, taken by TheSwedishDork.

The Weegee virus is a disease that makes you become a clone and minion of Weegee. It originates in the photoreceptor cells inside Weegee's eyes, and he can spread it to anything that has a face, even inanimate objects.



The virus in progression.

The Weegee Virus will fully affect a person within fifty-two seconds, and its effects are devastating.

Three seconds: Your eyes will begin to look like Weegee's.
Thirty-two seconds: Your whole face looks like Weegee's. A handful of body features (e.g. hands) may become Weegeefied, too.
Fifty-two seconds: You become exactly like Weegee except in power (in some cases, you still retain your color and body type).

In some cases, a double-dose may cause even worse effects.

One minute, six seconds: You begin to hallucinate.
Four minutes: You get a fever and arms weaken.
Seven minutes, twenty-one seconds: Your nose begins to look like Walleo's.
Fifteen minutes: Your arms and legs are immovable. You feel the way the Ugly Barnacle looks.
Twenty-nine minutes: Your face begins to melt and your body shrinks.
Weegee vs

Weegee vs. Morshu

Weegee virus infecting Morshu.

Thirty-seven minutes: All remaining hair you have turns purple and flies away.
Fifty minutes, five seconds: What remains of your head swells up and turns a turquoise color.
Sixty-nine minutes, thirty-two seconds: Your nose flies away.
Sixty-nine minutes, forty-seven seconds: Your nose explodes.
Seventy minutes: All your internal organs explode and you die.
Eighty minutes: Your corpse spontaneously combusts.


You can protect yourself from the Weegee virus by wearing sunglasses, which block the transmission of the virus from Weegee and/or his victims' eyes to yours. Of course, Weegee will simply kill you instead of infecting you if you do this. It is also possible to destroy Weegee's zombies by tricking them into looking at themselves in a mirror, giving themselves a fatal double-dose of the virus. This method is ineffective against Weegee himself, however, since he can just regenerate after the process described above is finished.

You can also get the help of someone like Kirby, or anyone who is immune, to fight the virus.


Weegee progression

Arthur Felig gets infected.

The only known cure is to either

  • Succumb to the Weegee virus
  • To worship Hitler and King Harkinian

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