Youtube Poop Weegee Will Destroy Your Soul

Youtube Poop Weegee Will Destroy Your Soul

AtomikPotato gave the birds drugs.

A Weegee zombie is someone who has been infected with the Weegee virus.


In 1138, Weegee infected the King of Bulrusermgreetalivania. For 870 years, he infected nobody else. Then, he infected Mario, King Harkinian, and Impa, as well as other people. There are now over 9,000 Weegee zombies in the universe.

Famous Zombies

How to Tell One from a Normal Person

Weegee zombies are very obvious; they look like Weegee, a creepy Luigi. They also don't talk, and tend to attack innocent people.


  • Belgian waffles can be used to cure Weegee zombies.
  • The sound of Rick Astley's voice can destroy a Weegee zombie, but the zombified person will die in the process.
  • In 2026, they took over Earth, but ten years later, the Weegeebusters traveled back in time to save the world.
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