Weegpa Assassins Flag

The WA flag.

The Weegpa assassins is a mercenary organization run by Weegpa whose goal is to kill King Harkinian.


Weegpa founded the Weegpa assassins in 2044, shortly after he killed a resurrected King Harkinian. Weegpa found it difficult to find recruits because most people who hated the King were already members of HEVS. Luckily for him, he then discovered that he possessed the Weegpa Virus, which allowed him to make people hate the King. Weegpa exploited his power to gain followers, and together, they managed to kill the King on more than one occasion. Their success brought them into conflict with certain Hylian leaders and other people who were fond of the King. After Chuck Norris threw Weegpa into the the Pit of Pee in 2414, the assassins disbanded.

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