Wibzod ii

I'm unnecessary.

Wibzod II (October 1, 2013-July 8, 2382) is the son of Wibzod and Daisy. He was raised by Wibzod in the Comedy Central HQ until October 1, 2014 when his father who was the Comedy Central CEO was killed by the Mario Bros, so Wibzod II became the new CEO of Comedy Central at age 1.

Form Wars


Wibzod II built a moat around the Comedy Central HQ to protect himself from the Form Wars. He spent the duration of the form wars watching Scrubs and eating Khlav Kalash. He resurrected his father after the form wars ended in 2018.


Wibzod II dies on 8th of July, 2382. His son, Wibzod III, attended da funeral.

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