William Smith (born 1973) is the prince of a town called Bel-Air. He is a god in human form, but has little control over his powers, which results in him killing people such as his cousin Carlton.


When Will was a baby, his father was scared of babies, so he abandoned him. Will spent most of his childhood playing ball-ball on the playground with clones of Ganon. Then, in 1990, he got shot after yelling at a cabin. His mama reacted to this turn of events by sending him to live in Bel-Air with his uncle Phil, who provided him with whatever he needed, whether it was pants or chicken. He eventually got rich by patenting the concept of having a Pizza Hut in your garage. Following the fragmentation of the United States in 2080, he declared himself the king of Bel-Air, from which he ruled the rest of California, and did battle with other North American warlords such as Hankborg and Shrek.


  • Contrary to what his father thinks, he is not a coat or a closet, nor is he a bowl.
  • His license plate got turned upside down once.
  • He works as an anti-porn activist, and has said that he "refuses to believe the world can profit from a man's d--k."


  • "This is a black thing, isn't it?"
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