Some of the fields of Wumbology.

Wumbology is the study of YouTube Poop. Yu Tu Bpoop founded it 4,000 years ago. The Patrick Star Wumbology University dates back to 1985 and is where people learn to become professional poopers. Wumbologists include Benjamin Franklin, King Harkinian, and Patrick Star.

Famous Wumbologists

  • Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790): "Early to bed, early to catch the bagel" was his favorite phrase.
  • Orson Welles (1915 - 1985): Often appears on a TV show that is pooped.
  • I.M. Meen (1934 - 2020): Devotes a whole section of his library to Wumbology.
  • Patrick Star (1952 - 2023): He invented the word "Wumbology." Before 2002, the most common word for it was "Pooplosophy." Also, as president of the United States of America, he mandated that all American schools offer Wumbology courses.
  • King Harkinian (1955 - 2015): Encourages Wumbology to be studied in Hylian schools.
  • Bill Nye (1955 - ???): Devotes a whole TV show to it.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (1956 - ???): First person to accept it as an actual science.
  • Dr. Robotnik (???? - ????)
  • John Frink (1961 - 2044): An avid Wumbologist, similar to Einstein with physics.
  • Ray Sipe(1950 - ???): First person to study all fields of Wumbology. The stress of taking all fields plus the fact he became a brogre in 2001 caused Sipe to be kicked out due to going insane in 2004.
  • Sunky (2015 - ???): Second person to study all fields of Wumbology. Also promoted Wumbology when he appeared in cereal advertisements.
  • Sonic (3183 - ???): Studied Wumbology before dropping out in 3199, at age 16, saying to his professor during a lecture: "You're too slow!"
  • Weegee (studied years 1956 - 2001)

Strange Phrases

Since its origins lie in Eluryh, Wombology contains words and phrases that would boggle the minds of us regular humans. For example:

  • "The bilateral bisector is/isn't divisible by the photosynthesis in this moment."
  • "To increase the Power Level, we must calculate the photon mass of the velocity, then find a way to add power with the equation of perpendicularity."
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