"I wonder what`s for dinner, it`s simply you ARE THE dinner" -Yoshi Cupcrake

Yoshi Cupcrake is a flesh eating Weegee Yoshi and the most feared of the Weegee Yoshies out there. His big teeth and claws is all poof that he is a fearsome meat eater.


You would think that with such a bad attitude he won`t have a lot of girls, but he knows who to eat and not to eat and the only human he wouldn`t eat is Yoko Littner. He is in a relationship with Yoko as a matter of fact, they even have a kid together named Koio Littner Cupcrake.

In the future he is going to take over the world and rule it like Weegee did.


  • Despite the fact that he is a killer dinosaur he can be very cute as a matter of fact.
  • He can jump higher then most Yoshies.
  • He don`t see why Boshi should be any Cool, in fact, He has bitten off his head.
  • He hate fruits and greens and likely some he has learned Yoko too.
  • If you (yes, YOU!) try to harm, kill or do something else bad to Yoko Littner, YOU'RE DEAD MEAT! YOU CAN`T FINISH IT, YOU CAN STOP IT FROM HAPPENING, YOU CAN`T DO ANYTHING TO NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN, YOSHI CUPCRAKE WILL FIND YOU, and eat YOU! don`t mess with Yoko or, you will die!
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