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"Yoshkins" is a nickname given by Mama Luigi to a series of green Yoshies whom he has raised as his adopted children. They are often confused with Yoshi, due to their similar appearance and the fact that everyone but Mama Luigi refers to them simply as Yoshi, but are all far less intelligent than Yoshi. With the advice of Mama Luigi, Yoshkins ended up joining P.I.N.G.A.S.


Yoshkins I


Yoshkins's untimely death.

The "original" Yoshkins was born around 1991 on Yoshi Island and adopted by Mama Luigi, who had not gone insane yet and raised his son to be good. Sadly, that didn't really change anything since Brooklyn Mario was still around. Yoshkins I is the most famous version of Yoshkins, appearing prominently in the briefly-successful reality series Super Mario World. He also caused a famine in Dinosaur World by eating all of Agricultural Luigi's crops, and Ag Luigi punished him by forcing him to work as a prostitute. Before the famine set in, Brooklyn Mario decided to introduce Christmas to the cave people due to his lack of success with Cave Christmas. However, Brooklyn Mario's version of the holiday involved giant spiders eating everyone; tragically, their first and only victim was Yoshkins.

Yoshkins II


Yoshkins II's burial.

After he, Brooklyn Mario, and Princess Toadstool had a good laugh about Yoshkins's death, Mama Luigi quickly adopted another Yoshi. As Stone Luigi was unavailable to carve a new name on the end of his bed and Mama Luigi was too lazy to do it himself, Mama Luigi gave the new Yoshi the same name as the first one. This iteration of Yoshkins lived longer than any other, dying around 2010 due to massive internal bleeding after being crushed by Link, who had jumped off a cliff in a failed suicide attempt. After Mama Luigi told him one last bedtime story, Yoshkins died, and Link was arrested for manslaughter... or should that be dinoslaughter? Anyway, Yoshkins was buried outside Dome City.

Yoshkins III & IV

Unable to deal with Yoshkins's death, Mama Luigi probably cloned him with help from Dr. Robotnik, creating Yoshkins III. Mama Luigi used this newborn clone to attack his enemy, King Harkinian. Although the King defeated them, they both survived, and the new Yoshkins gave birth to a son in 2012. Both of these Yoshkinses participated in a gathering of people who expected the apocalypse to happen on December 21 of that year.


SMW Yoshi


  • "That means, bum de dum dum: water!"
  • "Luigi tell Yoshi story now."
  • "Yoshi think Luigi mama!"
  • "I afraid of water!"
  • "Where Mama Fireplant?"
  • "Oogtar, bad!"
  • "Fireballs, yum!"
  • "But Yoshi thought-"
  • "Dino Riders no mean to me like Mario Bros."
  • "Yoshi lied to!"
  • "Tell Yoshi bad story now!"
  • "Yoshi jack it!"


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