Yt 2005


YouTube is a very obscure video-sharing site. It is the host to YouTube Poops, and for that, we thank you. You can dislike/like videos, upload videos, and post comments on videos. You used to be able to rate videos, too, by using stars. But that format is gone. Thanks a lot.


YouTube was conceived by three guys in 2005. It started out as an online dating site for gay people, but then somehow became a video sharing site. In 2006, it was purchased by Google and was then subject to copyright laws. Colgate and Viacom sued innocent uploaders for using their footage or playing around by saying their mascots were racist. Later on, it became more shit as the old format was lost, limiting what you could do on it. Still, it is somewhat good, and we can't find any better ones, so OK.
Me at the zoo

Me at the zoo

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